The Tower Journal

   Avraam Sekeroglou

   The Fall

The sun popped back from the opposite building. A red ruby hanging on the sky’s blue chest. What a beautiful day that was to die.

The tips of his shoes sticking out a little from the ledge. The sidewalk was behind them, six floors below. His frayed, sometimes white, athletic shoes, were looking at him sadly. They tried to persuade him not to do it. But it wasn’t necessary.. Besides, he had not taken this decision because he had thought thoroughly. He would just do it. One step ahead and...

...he hadn’t imagined it would be like that. He had seen movies with effects in such occasions, but this was something else. The time had expanded to such an extent that the movie that would contain his leaping into the void, would be filmed with these super slow motion cameras. He felt like he had taken a dive in the sea. Only instead of the bottom of the ocean, he saw coming slowly towards him, the black asphalt.

What he was expecting to happen and confirmed his expectations, always at a lower speed of course, was another cinematic cliché. He saw his life pass before his eyes, what irony, like a movie.

A baby crying in the arms of a man. I thought I would see them through my eyes. Yet I see a third person perspective. Here’s something that the writers had not thought of.

A toddler playing in a nursery. Rather blame that I see myself from the outside, but this kid, while looks so much to me... something is different.

A young man gets his degree along with many young boys and girls smiling happily. The graduation hall in my university. Yes, I recognize this.

A couple kissing in a narrow alley. She is blonde with long hair. How was Mary’s hair when we first met? Long or short? Is it possible not to remember it? Maybe it’s because I currently fall from the sixth floor of our building. Soon I will probably pass in front of our balcony.

The couple is getting married in a church with dozens of people throwing rice at them. The church of St. Paul, our parish church. Where we got married. Yes, this is us, it's my life.

A woman is in bed confinement. She has her legs wide open and is surrounded by doctors and nurses. A tiny head pops up full of blood and amniotic fluid. Wait a minute... okay so to speak, I have not a minute. Maybe not even half a second until I crush like a watermelon on the ground. This can not be my recollection. Mary and I, tried a long time but we could never make a child. We tried all the methods. We even borrowed money to repeat the process but unfortunately nothing. Perhaps this was the beginning of the fall. It wasn’t a child that was born but then all our problems were. Financial problems and not only them. Especially in our relationship. Mary blamed herself and when she was looking at me, she thought that I deeply hated her. That was the beginning. The end was when I went out this morning from our front door while she was still sleeping, I took the elevator to the fifth floor and then climbed the stairs to the rooftop. We were never like old times again. Apart from last night. Maybe because I knew it would be our last time. Maybe because deep down she knew it too. We were full of passion and tenderness. We had the correct amount from both. And her eyes when we finished together, reminded me of the old days. During the first years, when we made love and as we come together, I was watching the same look in her eyes and she was whispering to me "stay a bit longer in me and hug me." As she did yesterday, after a very long time.

A dining room. A large table is paved with good crockery. In one corner of the room a Christmas tree with dozens of lights flashing. The living room in our apartment. One of the past Christmas?

The door opened and a little girl with blond tress in her hair, runs into the room and sits in a chair on one side of the table next to the tree. She’s followed by everyone else who’s going to  sit at the Christmas table. A blonde woman with long hair and a red dress. No she is not Mary. She holds a guy’s hand and they laugh watching the little girl. They sit on two other chairs on the same side of the table with the little girl. I look like him very much but it’s not me.

Then an elderly couple moves a little more slowly to their seats. Accommodated with a little trouble on two end chairs on the opposite side of the table. It's not possible. Is this George? My brother? And what about the woman next to him? Is she, his wife, Pauline? Aged but I'm pretty sure it’s them. What is going on?

Last, another elderly woman enters the room. She has the beauty of a woman who has aged not only fooling the time but when someone sees her, says "this woman was very beautiful in her youth." Walking with bowed head and sits on the same side as the elderly couple. On top of the table there is one more chair. Who would sit there? Someone has to open the door. I need to see before my brains spill out on the road!

The door doesn’t open. The chair remains empty. The elderly woman next to it, looks and a tear rolls off her green eyes - oh those green eyes - in her wrinkled face.

It’s Mary. Oh God. The one is missing, is me!

She is the granddaughter... and the other is the wife of... my son!

Mary! Mary is pregnant!

I think I‘ve made a big mist

  Copyright © 2016 Avraam Sekeroglou

Avraam Sekeroglou was born on a snowy Christmas Eve of 1976 in Serres, Greece. He studied economics and worked for many years in the private sector but something was missing. He began to seriously deal with writing in 2011. Since then he has published short stories in several anthologies in Greek. He has won prizes in fantasy and science fiction competitions, writes in “” website and has founded the literary group "The Grid". In the last couple of years he made a turn to scriptwriting. He was distinguished in a short film script contest during the IFFP festival in Patmos, Greece 2014. The first short film which he signs the script is “Play”, directed by Vangelis Liberopoulos.

He lives in Athens, Greece and “The Fall” is his first story in English.

The Tower Journal
Winter 2016