Jason Constantine Ford

A Guiding Hand

Her hand is upon mine with power no other hand can revoke
As she instills a sense of smoothness which I acquaint
With the kind of genius existing in a master brushstroke
From an artist who is empowered to rule with paint.
The feel of her gentle touch is pulsating through each vein
As creative strands are emerging inside my brain.
Her hand endows me with the skill to form the trunk of a tree
With diverse strokes of brown colour which blend in harmony.

As I mix blue and yellow to form the colour green,
Her hand is leading mine back to the canvass as a guide.
The sight of leaves sprouting up is beauty most serene
Complimented by a set of branches which spread out wide.
With Beauty’s touch endowing me with skill which I apply
Upon diverse parts of a canvass, I begin to paint the sky.
From out of a cloudless sky, the sun has now emerged
Upon a masterpiece where strands of Beauty’s have converged.

A Confused Mind

In my confused state of mind, I begin to wonder
If there is any substance to issues which I ponder
Within a life which has lost its sense of direction.

In this room, I simply sit as one attempting to find
The many reasons as to why I can leave behind
A view and then return to it like an infection.

Only yesterday, I abandoned ancient writings composed
Centuries ago and now those words are being imposed
Upon pillars of conscious thought which fail to stay in place.

The belief that the human race originated from one man
Is the view I hold until I cannot see further than
The confused state of mind which I consider a disgrace.

I see my own self-image as one which is alternating
Between periods when my mind is contemplating
Where I belong and then periods of emotional drought.

The demarcation between fiction and what is real
Is a process of conscious thought that I cannot feel
As I am wandering between bouts of belief and doubt.

Copyright  ©  2014 Jason Constantine Ford


Jason Constantine Ford is from Perth in Australia. He works as an employee at a book shop. He has over fifteen years of experience in studying various styles of poetry. The major influences on his style of poetry are William Blake, Edgar Alan Poe and Gerard Manley Hopkins. Blake’s ability to address the social issues of his time through poetry and painting has had a lasting impact upon Jason’s early years. For correspondence, contact Jason at jasonconstantinford@gmail.com .