George Karos

Visiting With Friends in New York City

I spent time visiting with friends in New York City.

As we walked over the Williamsburg Bridge from the Lower East Side village,

We became very aware of the wind-blown scaffolding disturbed by the summer night’s wind.

We seemed less interested in getting to Brooklyn and more intent on cleansing our collective conscience from a community we’d never been a part of, from recognition of the amalgamated boroughs beneath us, and the creeping, slick-centered fear absorbed by humans walking beside us.

I spent time visiting with friends in New York City.

When Sarah and I Would Visit the Pigs

I remember when my friend Sarah and I would visit pigs
in the village nearby our home in West Virginia.

I remember whenever we'd reach the area called “Mel's Dwelling” we'd discuss Gertrude Stein's story Melanctha and how a woman named Jane taught Mel “understanding.”

I remember how Sarah and I, en route, would walk over every unstable bridge and try to rock
in aliquot portions.

I remember when we'd reach our sloppy destination Sarah and I would always try and understand what it might feel like to be a pig.

I remember these considerations to be brief since preceding conversations regarding pigs distinguished Us as humans possessing many pig-like traits – like that of languor and disregard.

I remember Sarah thought humans were “uniquely pathetic” beings that rarely had to experience a pig’s “intensely beautiful focus on survival.”

Sarah has grown older, moved to Ireland and become a mother.

I never moved too far away and still visit the pigs from time to time.


My Friend Sadie 

(My friend Sadie says people think she's nice and are glad they know her.)

My friend Sadie
Likes courting neglect
With the same type of solidarity
That ends-up on television screens
And computer monitors of kids
Who drive cars as recklessly as they play video games.

My friend Sadie
Likes telling the story
Of how her mother taught her
To carry her purse in certain part of the city
Where people pray as solicitously for love
As they sin religiously for power.

Copyright  ©  2014 George Karos

George K. Karos was raised in Martinsburg, West Virginia, where he attended public schools until the completion of seventh grade. He then attended and graduated from Saint James School located in Washington County, Maryland. He received his Bachelor of Arts from West Virginia University in 1991, and his Master of Arts from American University in 1999. For over two decades, he has studied, performed, and worked with numerous arts projects, musical collaborations, and arts-related organizations facilitating various art-mediums and expression as an artist, a magazine columnist and poetry editor, lead singer for rock bands, performance artist, and folk singer. As a solo artist/acoustic guitarist and songwriter, he has toured and performed in musical venues throughout America with an emphasis on the regions of his Mid-Atlantic roots. He has also performed solo works in improvisational settings in regional art spaces with nationally known artists and music groups. He currently lives in Central Florida and works as a communications director of an international boarding school where he continues to write, record, tour, and perform his acoustic music infused with poetry.