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The Children of Children Keep Coming
by Russell L. Goings
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Published by
Karen Hunter Publishing
Pocket Books, A Division of Simon & Schuster
Cover Art and Illustrations:  Romare Bearden
First Edition
ISBN 13:978-1-4165-6646-5
Library of Congress Control Number: 2008022078
320 pages

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King Amour
by Jack Foley

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Published July 15, 2010
By Argotist ebooks
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Language: English
Pages 74
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I Went Looking for You
by Ruth Lepson

I Went Looking for You
implies a relationship between the seeker and the found, calling to mind the games of hide and seek we play with family, friends and lovers. Ruth's poems reveal the fragility and courage required to participate in this unspoken sport, at times disclosing that what is found may not be pleasant. Exploring nature and prayer, the mysterious intellection of words, the messages of dreams, this work searches not only for the flesh and blood of human beings, but also for the inscrutable, the unknowable— rendering this collection of poems classic, enduring.  Buy it, without reservation.

BlazeVOX [books]
Buffalo,New York

Stars  of the Night Commute
by Ana Božičević

Ana Božičević finds poetry in odd pieces of the world. With daring turns of words and phrases, she teaches us that fragments of gum, wire, subways, telephones, basements and dead dogs are mere transcendental bits and bobs capable of transporting us to an unearthly experience not necessarily calm— rather taut, on the edge of explosion. This debut collection of work, from an extremely talented and relentless young writer will very soon become a collector's item. Buy it while you can. More Ana!  Please!

Tarpaulin Sky Press
Grafton, Vermont

Robert Philbin's Review of
Slaves to Do These Things


Slaves to Do These Things
by Amy King

Amy King is a poet's poet, highly respected in the contemporary world of letters. Her latest collection of poems reveals why.

Mistress of a mythic surrealism that is laced at times with bawdy language, Amy combines images like "moldy dark stools in back room encounters" with "Michaelangelo turning crosshairs to sunshine."   Unusual juxtapositions like these compel the reader to turn the page, discover more. Divided into five acts, this collection of poetry arcs like a prize-winning drama, a volume that should be in everyone's hands and on everyone's shelf!

BlazeVOX [books]
Buffalo,New York
Equal to the Earth
by Jee Leong Koh

This first, full-length collection of poems by Jee Leong Koh, reveals why this young man has become an almost overnight sensation.  His poetry can't be classified. It is at times internal and deep, then mundane and urban and even sarcastic and humorous.  His language, mythic and crass, reveals a bold desire to comprehend love and human interactions. He uses words, rhythm and images like a daring, young master. Buy this book and watch this poet's future!  You won't be disappointed.

by (Elise) Lisa Stewart

This poetry collection, sweltering with British avante-garde romanticism at its best, is a delightful read from the first poem, "Paradise" to the very last, "Let it Linger."   Lisa Stewart draws her inspiration both  from ancient Greece and the British Romantic poets. If you are in love, or have ever been deeply in love, this saddle-stitched paperback is one book you will want on your shelf!

Masque Publishing
Littlehampton, England

The Museum
of Ordinary People

by Lewis Turco

A delicious collection of short fiction by Lewis Turco, who is considered one of the great contemporary masters of dialogue.  Playful, human characters in ordinary and extraordinary situations amuse the reader from start to finish. The book, titled after a short story of the same name, offers a museum of ordinary people, in wax, as an extended metaphor for the entire book. 

Star Cloud Press
Scottsdale, Arizona
A Book of Memories
by Lewis Turco
Lewis Turco's memoirs about growing up in Connecticut in the 1950's read much like a 20th century version of Huckleberry Finn antics. The Fantaseers are high school fraternity members up to no good.  Surprisingly, four of the fraternity members end up in religious orders, while Lewis Turco becomes one of the United State's most respected writers.

Star Cloud Press
Scottsdale, Arizona

Jacket Design by David Reiter
toward a grammar of being
by Julie Waugh

This collection of poems ordered under grammatical categories such as "future tense,"  "bare infinitives," "possessive phrases" and "simple past," offers poems that use grammar in the old way, the right way, a way that provides words and sounds as spring boards to  ideas.  Waugh's courageous poems are social, personal, philosophical, and chock full of splendid metaphors.  Her aesthetically pleasing juxtapositions of images, sounds and ideas satisfy the human soul.
Published by Interactive Press, Brisbane, 2009
Released quietly in mid summer 2008, this philosophical treatise, broadly written in the form of a long poem, is destined to softly alter contemporary poetry... like salt. In this manifesto, Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino teaches the meaning of logos and the true role of the poet in society.  This book can be downloaded free from E·Ratio Editions.

Frieda L. Levinsky is a writer with a bold, relentless voice, determined to make her mark in the world.  A survivor of the Holocaust, a number of her poems consider that frightening era, but her poems are also self-reflective and reveal a deep love for nature.
Frieda's book,  Enlightened Ambiance, can be purchased from Xlibris books.


Mary-Marcia Casoly's poems wedge the five senses, pushing them by means of honest, common sense. With an Introduction by Jack Foley.

Pantograph Press / Goldfish Press  Berkeley / Seattle, 2002
For copies write to: Run to Tenderness, Pantograph Press, 2569 maxwell Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601-5521 

Dana Gioia calls this collection of Jack Foley interviews and essays about poets and poetry from the San Francisco bay area a "necessary" book for Californians.  I'll add to that.  It's a necessary book for all poets and critics, regardless of geographic location, who seek to know more about the evolution and philosophy of poetry, (includes Jack Foley's interviews with Gerald Vizenor and Allen Ginsberg).

Pantograph Press, 2569 Maxwell Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601-5521 

A unique collection of haiku, by Adelle Foley, that brings this poetic form into social commentary.

Pantograph Press / Goldfish Press  Berkeley / Seattle, 2002
For copies write to: Along the Bloodline, Pantograph Press, 2569 Maxwell Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601-5521 

If you enjoy long poems, then Ivan Arguelles' book, Madonna Septet, in two volumes, is one that you will thoroughly enjoy.  Each book is  about two inches thick!

Potes and Poets Press Inc
181 Edgemont Avenue
Elmwood CT 06110-1005