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Big Brown Bear's Cave
Yuval Zommer

  • ISBN-10: 0763696463
    ISBN-13: 978-0763696467
    32 pages
    Hardcover $16.99
    Paperback $7.27

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  • Kids LOVE bears.

    In the world of children's literature, these furry beasts of the forest arrive big, cuddly and normally a bit mischievous. They delight young folks and old, and more often than not teach humans important life lessons.

    Take for example Godilocks and the Three Bears, Winnie the Pooh, and Paddington Bear. Those three have set the standard for quite some time.

    But, there's a new bear in the woods, so make way for another classic. Big Brown Bear's Cave, written and illustrated by Yuval Zommer, has galumphed into the neighborhood to help children learn how STUFF can get in the way of a comfortable and happy life.

    In this amusing book, Bear just can't get comfortable in his newfound cave.

    While exploring a human neighborhood, Bear notices that people have caves, too, and they keep lots of STUFF in them. Bear thinks if he acquires lots of STUFF, too, it will make him happy in his cave. So he purloins boxes, chairs, bicyles, mixers, lamps and all kinds of STUFF to bring back to his place.

    BIG BROWN BEAR'S CAVE. Copyright © 2017 by Yuval Zommer.
    Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.

    But Bear soon learns there's a down side to having so much STUFF.

    His friends can't visit him because there's not a spare inch in the cave. And, to make matters worse, Big Brown Bear gets stuck in all his STUFF, obliging his friends to pull and pull, until they pop him out like a cork.

    After that, of course, Bear realizes the STUFF has got to go, and his friends willingly help him return the items to their original places, freeing up space for sleepovers in a cave that feels like home.

    This classic story offers irresistable nightime (and daytime) reading moments for parents, children, teachers, and librarians. Hopefully, it will find it's way into the homes and hearts of our readers.

    Yuval Zommer has illustrated other books that teach and amuse such as
    : The Big Book of Bugs, The Street Beneath My Feet, and The Big Book of Beasts all of which are highly recommended.

    — Reviewed by Mary Ann Sullivan


    The Tower Journal
    Summer 2018