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      Jacklyn Janeksela



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Jacklyn Janeksela is a poet among other things. She is a self-taught artist. Her poetry can be found @ felled limbs, The Nervous Breakdown, and Oddball Magazine. Her muses include the ghosts of Baldwin, Kundera, and Plath; she considers Kundera dead to her as they had an altercation a few years ago. She is currently living in Prague. For their music in [the velblouds], she and her husband will be in Armenia for an artist residency; their work surrounding the band will be on display at the Modern Museum of Art in Yerevan. Her artwork @ femalefilet, her blog for women about women (, is part of the Art Saves Lives International website/e-magazine ( She will be in Finland for an artist residency, among other things, for a project based on her deceased, schizophrenic grandmother (; she will be unearthing bones and such. More artwork can be found here: &


The Tower Journal
Spring/Summer 2015