The Tower Journal

Andrew Sacks

Villanelle: You Are the God That You Have Heard About

You are the God that you have heard about,
The one that has existed from the first,
The one that conquers evil in a rout.

The glory of the millions most devout,
The power to do the best or do the worst;
You are the God that you have heard about.

You are the one--when minions raise their shout,
Not knowing their own might to quench their thirst—
Can clear, by your example, all their doubt.

When all is said and done, and time is out,
And every infant has been mother-nursed,
You are the God that you have heard about.

There is a Devil poised to fight a bout,
To choose you off in combat, if you durst,
But knows not of your puissance and your clout.

Then arm yourself, and all misgivings flout,
And every seed of mistrust is accursed;
Come make a joyful noise as you stand stout;
You are the God that you have heard about.

Copyright © 2014 Andrew Sacks

Andrew SacksAndrew Sacks was born in New York City and relocated with family as a youth to the greater Los Angeles area, where he has resided since. Attended Cal State Northridge for his B.A. degree and U.C.L.A. for his Master’s, both in English literature. A rated chess Master, he drew with later World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer at 15 years old, a game widely published on Internet chess sites. He has taught English composition and literature in community colleges and private universities his entire professional career, and began publishing written works some 10 years ago. His output has included articles on the game of chess and other subjects, flash fiction, and poetry.

The Tower Journal
Spring/Summer 2014