The Tower Journal

Eira Needham

Stone Lady

Moon spills into his studio,
replete with scattered chisels
and unhewn rock.

His murmurs blend with magnolia
rustling in summer's breath.

Will he sculpt your tousled waves,
caress cool lips into a smile,
drape the curve of your breasts?

Elegantly fashioned, you pose
where bumbles and admirals
flit beneath the willow arch
entwined with honeysuckle scent.

Are you yesterday's love
ablaze like floribunda beds,
dampened with autumn's
melancholic tears?

Or perhaps a midnight phantom
lured into Morpheus's realm --
your vision cleaved into porphyry.

Absent Kiss

China nik-naks mist with aspidistra;
I recall Gran's spick and span parlour,
opened only to select visitors.

Gran titivated the room after he'd gone;
I laid out a board game with Kate.
We slid down snakes and climbed ladders;

she perched on a leather pouffe while
I squatted on the woven willow stool
Grandpa had crafted for me.

When the alien invaded his kidneys,
a fold-up bed was tucked
into the corner by the window.

Hushed voices slithered under
the door; Gran gathered me in
to say hello.

Unshaved, his shadow lay propped
on plumped pillows,
gaunt and unspeaking.

I should have kissed him goodbye,
before he slept
with brass handles on oak.

Familiar Warmth

She's sitting here with us ...

My stare dares him not to sneer
as peering up from The Daily News
his closed-mouth smile indulges me.

Settled opposite my hubby
I am pampered with welcome
refreshments at the window table.

I flip through memory pages
until I’m lunching here with her,
munching ham and salad baps.

After our rummage through
the mall, we relished time
together, gulping cups of gossip
to quench curiosity, her laughter
often erupting to drench me.

Is it the sun’s embrace
through the window
or the mug of steaming
Yorkshire tea?

That familiar warmth
after all these years
still radiates from her
so even my fingertips tingle.

Copyright © 2014 Eira Needham

Eira Needham is a retired teacher, living in Birmingham UK. Her poetry is eclectic and has been published in print and online. Recent publications are in The Shine Journal, Voices From The Web 2013-2014 and Green Silk Journal. She has also been Featured Writer in WestWard Quarterly.

The Tower Journal
Spring/Summer 2014