The Tower Journal

Patsy Kisner

In the Hush

In the hush
Of the brush
The deer
Lies within
Watch her
Eyes blink


Doubts creep in
To cover dreams with mold
But ugly only grows
In unkempt spaces
So I scrub the floors
And wipe the walls clean
Before the spore
Can grow

How Nice It Seemed

How nice it seemed
To sleep and not live
But then muscles
Stretched, moved
And were no longer numb
A tingle came that
Brought the sensation of life
Now my eyes are wide
I didn’t move me
I guess you did
Do I thank you when
I run and jump and sing

Invisibe Trepidation

Invisible trepidation
Slips in
Like a vapor
Inhaled deep
But I exhale strong
Fill my lungs
With the sweet
Aroma of roses—
Red and soft

Copyright © 2014 Patsy Kisner

The Tower Journal
Spring/Summer 2014