The Tower Journal

Don Kingfisher Campbell


below blue Fall sky
clouds hug mountains

afternoon sun shines on
an angel above a lawn

standing upon a stone
surrounded by entombed

dead below green blades
sprouting from a hill

sloping down toward
white-lined gray street

a staccato flow
of peopled cars

motoring in hope someone
breathes for their love

Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea Love

Because I needed a coat of arms around me
To spark a golden sun deep inside my chest

Someone to string Christmas lights on my heart
Instead of a daily cactus bird cage existence

I happened upon the light bulb woman
Who turned us into a poker and a fireplace

Our declarations became hanging word lanterns
Screaming out steaming hot chocolate warmth

To transform life to live beside cool ferns
And well-placed bricks beneath our feet

Copyright © 2014 Don Kingfisher

Don KingfisherDon Kingfisher Campbell just earned an MFA in Poetry from Antioch University, Los Angeles. He has had several poems published recently in About Place Journal, Lummox, Sassafras, A Poet Is A Poet No Matter How Tall, New Verse News, and Statement. He is also the editor of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly and host of Saturday Afternoon Poetry in Pasadena, California.

The Tower Journal
Spring/Summer 2014