The Tower Journal

William Kemmett

Gold Vein Lightning

It’s a fraction
  longer than a crack
   across the sky―
a bolt split a rock
  on the side of the
   hill and turned
lead into gold.
  There are things
   you just know.
It’s a question of
  topography. If I
   found it I’d take
only what my arms
  could bare and then
   burn the map.
Surely greed is not
  a mountain when the
   stake is held to
a limit. My sons have
  no sons. There is
   no craft to pass
on―other than to
  love what you can do
   with what it is you are.

France Expanding with the Universe

Oh it’s cold if you take
it in all at once.
   Too flung for any one perception.
   Millions of light years of emptiness.
It seems like a mirror multiplying
impossible numbers again and again.
   And all the while a speck that can’t
   be seen unless you’re standing on
a mountain looking through a telescope.
and here is a quaint village. The smell
   of fresh bread baking. A cup of wine
   spilling over. A flower bending almost
to the ground with the weight of
a buzzing bee. And a gift from my son
   in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. Raw honey
   from France.

Behold Every Creature

It’s well I notice him
 on my windshield before
I turn the wipers to clear
 the frost. I look
in the trunk for something
 to pick him up with.
Just enough time to bring
 him back from the slowed
metabolism. You can see
 him puff out in the sun
before jumping like a jack-
 rabbit with a broken foot.

      The gift of day;
      a field of crickets
      orchestrates on string
      of many notes.

Distance punches holes where
 there are no holes and map
the sky for Lesser Beings
 like myself who can’t sing
praises to the stars.

Copyright © 2014 William Kemmett

William KemmettWilliam Kemmett was raised in Boston, MA. His poems have appeared in many poetry magazines and journals, including Yankee Magazine, Cimarron Review, Defined Providence, Poetry Australia, Poetry East, Gargoyle, Mother India, Seattle Review, and Hanging Loose. He is the recipient of awards from the Massachusetts Artists Association Foundation, New England Poetry Club, and has won two Yankee Magazine Prizes. He studied poetry at Harvard University Extension and holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. He is also the author of several chapbooks and two full length collections from Igneus Press and Wampeter Press. He currently teaches Writing and English at Indian River State College and resides with his wife in Port St. Lucie, Florida

The Tower Journal
Spring/Summer 2014