The Tower Journal

David Celone

Plane Crash in Winter

A plume of smoke
Gash of orange on the hillside
Fall has come again
To slumbering trees

The Sound of Neglect

The father drops his work gloves
on the bench to grab up a pencil.

He adds and subtracts as his son
pulls on the gloves, expectant.

The father’s fingers swell, the
pencil grows thick.

Nothing comes but a splinter
in his nicked fingertip.

He can’t seem to make the
string of numbers work.

Mortgage and taxes, food and
drink outstrip his weekly check.

He flies across lines in a rage,
blind to his frightened little page.

It is the mountain of paper
crumpled in the corner

kicked by the feet of a small boy
crying that makes bright noise.

Sugar’s Thaw

I watch as worker bees hover
above a worn yellow wildflower,
searching for what I know must be
pollen and nectar, then making a
beeline for their comb that stores
regurgitated drones for an
overwintering of warmth where
the queen settles into her throne.
The workers slow to a crawl in the
hive, acting as a royal beard against
the freeze and thaw of snow’s
frigid grip, humming songs as they
die, buzzing solemn lullabies.
I understand why the tongue craves
sweetness, its price so dreadfully high.

Copyright © 2014  David Celone

David CeloneDave Celone has been an avid writer for his entire adult life. He currently lives in Lyme, New Hampshire as he pursues a Master of Fine Arts degree in writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, Vermont. Dave spends a great deal of time in the outdoors assimilating nature. He shares his life with a wonderful partner with whom he marvels at their two exuberant teenage children. Dave has previously had work published in Numéro Cinq online literary magazine.

The Tower Journal
Spring/Summer 2014