The Tower Journal

A. Anupama


You mingle your shadow with those of the trees
then examine the lake ice with a finger
                                          with a shadow
penetrating the surface to something like opacity

the water has shut its eye where you walk pulling your sled
                                           with a sister cross-legged
                                           awakening a slight blue in your track.


Once you’ve painted the slender branches on the board and cut the tissue paper into inch-
squares, pour a little glue onto a plate. Use the back of a pencil with a round flat eraser,
placed in the center of a square of tissue, to bunch the paper around. Dip into the glue,
press onto the branch tip.

                                  tip into the blossom-point and maybe paint a sun in the top corner


          in here the trouble is only an argument

                                                     dove cover

the wings in pieces

purple orison



                     redden the candle alight


                                                      even after


                  myrtled in the way of speech

                            regulated for rolling-eye clever

                  I haven’t pleaded yet but

will you give me a handle   preface


          dent in the ball-bounce of your dream

Reflector Telescope

a comet melts
and brief storms on the sun throw ghosts into our nights

supernovae blaze
sudden explosions from before anyone was

fiery stars
punch holes in my dance card
and fingernail of moon
leaves its love mark on my brow


My heart was on vibrate.
Thought punctuated by cloud hyphens, comma moon.
Paper sky uncut by the scissor of wing.
The ocean shows its curl.

Copyright © 2014 A. Anupama

A. AnupamaAnupama is a poet and translator whose work has appeared in several literary publications including Fourteen Hills, The Bitter Oleander, and CutBank. She studied at Northwestern University and Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she received her MFA in writing in 2012. Currently a contributing writer at Numéro Cinq Magazine, she lives in Nyack, New York, and blogs at

The Tower Journal
Spring/Summer 2014