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   Jeff Fleischer


Some summers during rainstorms, the river overfilled and a few of the basements along Exeter Road flooded. The Rosens still used their basement to store their mementos, all the inessential items they’d collected through life but couldn’t bear to throw away. As their children left home and moved to small apartments in far-away cities, more mementos gradually found their way into the boxes the Rosens stacked downstairs. Neither parent would ever admit it, but they couldn’t bring themselves to rummage through the past and decide which parts of it were worth keeping. Secretly, they wanted a flood to make that decision for them.


Copyright © 2017 Jeff Fleischer

Jeff Fleischer is a Chicago-based author, journalist and editor. His fiction has appeared in more than two dozen publications including the Chicago Tribune's Printers Row Journal, Shenandoah, the Saturday Evening Post and So It Goes by the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. He is also the author of non-fiction books including "Votes of Confidence: A Young Person's Guide to American Elections" (Zest Books, 2016), "Rockin' the Boat: 50 Iconic Revolutionaries" (Zest Books, 2015), and "The Latest Craze: A Short History of Mass Hysterias" (Fall River Press, 2011). He is a veteran journalist published in Mother Jones, the New Republic, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, Mental_Floss, National Geographic Traveler and dozens of other local, national and international publications.

The Tower Journal
Fall/Winter 2017