The Tower Journal

Kathy Karlson


Two Woman Lake


Acrylic on packing crate.36x52

Copyright © 2017 Kathy Karlson

Kathy Karlson,  M.A., Ph.D.,  is artist in Residence at Greenbelt Community Center in Maryland. She works to put paintings in the many offices and residences of SOME, a DC organization for the homeless.

As a colorist, she begins a painting without intent, except to choose gold, blue, Hooker's green (or whatever invites her at the moment.)

In 1998, Kathy Karlson was awarded an NEA grant for fiction writing, which allowed her to devote more time to both writing and painting. Her stories have been published in The Barcelona Review, Carve, Chiron Review, Madison Review, Worldview, Calyx, Stories With Grace, The MacGuffin, SNReview, 13th Warrior, and several other journals.

The Tower Journal
Fall/Winter 2017