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Blessed Margaret of Castello

“You will make water flow for them out of the rock, and provide drink for the community.”  Numbers 20:8

Blessed Margaret of Castello

Born, blind, crippled, hunchbacked and dwarfed, Blessed Margaret’s wealthy parents were ashamed to acknowledge she was their daughter. They walled her up in their castle, and later abandoned her on the streets of the City of Castello.

Not one who stands in front
to speak
nor dominate
the sum
instead she limps and hobbles
down the narrow, cobbled

of one

quite abandoned
in a cold, stone, town

where by some stroke of Moses
upon a desert rock

she becomes
a liquid swell
and she
a water wheel

that churns
and turns
to take
by cup, by cup
by gathered up

the liquid agony
that she collects
through whorl
a roond,
the wound
the wound

from deep inside
into the world
a mystic scream propounds

that makes no sound
that makes no sound

her churning pain
to air

her turning bane
to prayer.

Copyright © 2012 Mary Ann Sullivan