You'll need a broadband connection to view the video elements of the above poem synchronously. This poem, by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, was made into a kine poem by poet Mary Ann Sullivan.  The poem in its original linear version can be read below.

Horse Photo by Anita Simpson-Johnson



a life, by other means, is tilting
into corners

a life, by other means
can rest, or prise, or, customer, a morning

an epitome, in parenthesis
a passage, or, in correspondence, the solitary arc

now harking, and immovable
is making quote


the sinuation, out of home
As much is harrowing,

or untried,
the eye, in community.


the pilgrim, in tournament
is getting over, getting on

a life, by other means
is fitting words into corners

a life, by other means
is tilting after cranes


and following, in salute
in all the forms of one, whom, some, are

and aptly so
in rooms overlooking quiet places. A chaplet, of prayer

and pension
of groundsmen, in repair, of arms and legs

in repose
a going far, is taking hand

Copyright   2008 Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino was born in Greenwich Village, New York, and was raised in both the city and in the country across the Hudson River in New Jersey. He was educated at home, eventually to enter Fordham University where he received a degree in philosophy. His poetry and prose have appeared in print in Barrow Street, The Germ, jubilat and in Xcp: Cross-Cultural Poetics and online at Pindeldyboz, Word For/Word, Onedit and at Xcp: Streetnotes.  His interview with Jack Foley is at the Argotist Online. He lives in Brooklyn Heights, New York, where he edits the online poetry journal, eratio, and works as a private docent.